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Writing Stages

Musicians practice their pieces many times before a concert. Athletes work out before a competition. In the same way, good writers go through several stages when they write. ‘Process writing’ will guide you through these stages so your final paper is really your best effort.

The first stage of process writing is getting ideas. In this course, you will learn and practice several different ways to get ideas. Try them all and see which way works best for you

An important stage in process writing is sharing your writing. You can see how other writers like you handled the same assignment, and you can get some good ideas from them. You can also see how well someone else understands your ideas.

After you finish your assignment, put it away for some time. When you look at it again, you may have new ideas. Your classmates may help you find new ideas, too. Writing your paper again (called ‘revising’) gives you the chance to improve your paper.

Before you give your teacher your paper, check it carefully. Read it aloud. Does it sound natural? Did you forget any words? Did you remember to write the heading correctly? Does your paper look neat? Remember to give your teacher your best effort!


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