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Latihan Menulis #1

Everybody Can Cook

Now days, cooking is become something uncommon activities for women in their daily life. For working women, they prefer to buy something to eat rather than cooking. They think that it’s more practice and time effectively for their busy life. So the next question is, could they cook something to eat?

For some people, especially for women, cooking is very difficult skills and activities. It become worst if they not used to cook since they were young and when they still have a lot of spare time to learn. In some cases, the women, who have a choice not to cook, prefer to have other interesting hobbies than cooking.

In the matter of fact, everybody can cook. If we have desire to learn, we can start to cook the simplest recipes that we know. By not acceded, someone could learn from the failure and made the improvement. After realize of this step, there are several important things that someone has to know in learning cooking.

First step is the taste of ingredients. Someone has to eager to taste all fresh ingredients. For the example, simple spices that are used in daily food, like garlic, leek, parsley, basil, clove, coriander, and many more. Furthermore, the more examples are some kinds of vegetables, fruits, meats, or other ingredients. They should try them one by one and remember the taste. After that, try to combine the taste into a kind of menu.

Second step is how to process the ingredients in good way. In specific ingredients, if we don’t know how to cook them well, it will reduce or even damage the taste. For example, if we cook the tomatoes too long in the soup, it will reduce the vitamins and minerals in tomatoes. We have to give it when the soup is getting cooked, approximately in the last two minutes of cooking.

The next important thing is how to control the heat of fire while cooking. Sometimes we have to know when to cook in high heat or in low heat. In cooking pasta, it’s important to cook in low heat for mixing the taste of sauce. But we have to use high heat when we fry chickens or meats. We can know the best and ideal measurement of heat by practices or information from recipe books.

The last thing is how to use the cooking equipments and know the right techniques. We can find easily cooking equipments in stores, start from a traditional or modern one. Then, we have to know how to use it. Meanwhile, there are modern and traditional techniques while cooking. In several specific foods only can cook by traditional technique. For the example, Rendang which cooked by wood will have different taste from which cooked in modern stove. Many people prefer to choice traditional Rendang because of its authentic taste.

Beside of these skills, there is still the easiest way to learn cooking. Someone can find the practical cooking book, which include step by step pictures in every stages of cooking. Start with the simplest recipe and common ingredients. Then, try to use the spare time on weekend to cook. Just remember, more practice makes perfect. (Feb1)


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