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Latihan Menulis #2

Here’s my exercise of topic sentence in paragraph.

Topic sentence: Eat a lot of food make me sleepy


Usually, after having a breakfast I did not eat any food until the lunch time. Since I have to work harder and joined the project, there’re many jobs have to done in one day. It made me didn’t realize that I used to look for snacks during the work. Like yesterday, I ate a small dish of rice and a piece of fried chicken, after that I ate two traditional doughnuts, one patty shell cooky, and a glass of pineapple juice in two and half hours. The food that I ate made me sleepy after the lunch time. So, today I try not to take any snacks and only drink a glass of papaya juice.


Vocabulary 01

In the last a few days, I like to learn English in the office. My friend told me a great website and help me to know more words in the story.

Here is the examples:

London’s Olympic Park is nearly finished

If you go down to East London today, you’ll notice a transformation. Three years ago, this area of Stratford was an urban wasteland.

500 days to go, and London’s Olympic Park is taking shape. The velodrome is finished, they’re tiling the diving pool, and the stadium seats are in and covered up to protect them from the London weather.

At its heart are more than five miles of newly opened waterways. These used to be big, industrial canals, and then they fell into disrepair.

But they run almost like arteries across the whole Olympic site. The stadium there sits on an island, completely surrounded by water, and what’s fantastic is to see them coming back to life. So often, water in London is used and abused, and this – it’s being cherished.

When the diggers have gone, there’ll be a new urban park here in Stratford – the biggest to be built in Europe for 150 years. A quarter of a million new wetland plants have gone in, and 4,000 new trees.

Matthew Pinsent, BBC News, London

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/language/wordsinthenews/2011/03/110314_witn_london_2012_page.shtml

Trims BBC

Topic Sentences

After we knew about sentences and paragraphs, so let’s continue to the next steps, how to make topic sentences.

Please see this picture below,

In paragraph, topic sentences will followed by secondary sentences. Usually, one topic sentence will have more than three secondary sentences which give more explanations of the topic sentence.

In the section two of  IELTS writing test, the topic sentences used in the outline. We can create a paragraph by using topic sentence and its secondary sentences.

Please make some exercise from this idea. Have a happy writing 😉

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