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Mistakes #1 – TOEFL

Start from now, I will write all the mistakes that I made when had toefl exercises.  Like a wise man said, why don’t we learn from our mistakes… hehehehe


1. Ancient civilizations such as those of the Phoenicians and the Mesopotamians ……. goods rather than use money.

a. use to trade

b. is used to trade

c. used to trade

d. was used to trade

>> my answer: (D) >> key: (C)

2.  General Grant had General Lee ……. him at Appromattox to sign the official surrender of the Confederate forces.

a. to meet

b. met

c. meet

d. meeting

>> my answer: (A) >> key: (C)

3. If a ruby is heated it ….. temporarily lose its color.

a. would

b. will

c. does

d. has

>> my answer: (A) >> key: (B)

4. ……… small specimen of the embryonic fluid is removed from a fetus, it will be posible to determine whether the baby will be born with birth defects.

a. A

b. That a

c. If a

d. When it is a

>> my answer: (B) >> key: (C)

5. ……. Java Man, who lived before that the first Ice Age, is the first manlike animal.

a. It is generally believed that

b. Generally believed it is

c. Believed generally is

d. That is generally believed

>> my answer: (D) >> key: (A)


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